Gears of War 3 Accidentally Announced on Microsoft Xbox 360 Dashboard

April 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

It seems that someone at Microsoft was in a real mood to play the April fool’s prank a little too late on the Gears of War III fanatics. The game was accidentally leaked on an Xbox 360 gaming dashboard and it certainly had the gamers in the mood to finally conclude the epic story. The dashboard reflected a trademark Gears of War logo and a tag-line that visibly reads ‘The epic story concludes April 2011’.

Sadly, the fanatics will have to hold their breaths way longer as it was a mere accident yet, the fact that they now know the game will eventually arrive in April 2011 (thanks again to the tag-line) will give them reason enough to ignore this leak.

Had things gone according to plan, Cliff Bleszinski will have first appeared on Jimmy Fallon show tonight and then the big announcement would have come through. But, this accident will definitely not stop Cliff from making it to the show and revealing more about the game.

We are just hoping, the talks about those underwater combats and mechanic suits materialize into reality! [via: Coated]

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