Apple iPhone 4G Arrival Won’t Create as Much Buzz as the iPad?

April 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

The iPad arrival already sent shock waves across the globe jolting other tablet manufacturers who were hoping to cash in on the iPad failure. The Apple tablet created a rage at Apple stores but the big question is-will the next generation iPhone 4G be able to create the same magic? There have been times when people talk about Apple products being purely applications centric and that is eventually the reason they succeed, given the hefty app count.

But, what people also find adoring about all Apple products is that they are feature rich and these features give the users the opportunity to eventually use those applications. Therefore, Apple products do well because of the apps and the features they offer.

This is where the next product from Cupertino could be a problem. The world will already know that this iPhone has 4G merely in the name and it is not going to support 4G speeds. The apps are sure there to help but then, this iPhone will require those ‘features’ the most.

The only thing we know about (hopefully) is that the iPhone 4G will come with a front-facing camera and nothing more. Most of the touted features will be improvements over the current generation models. Novelty is the only thing that will save Apple the blushes as Cupertino isn’t accustomed to failure in the recent history.

The iPhone 4G is seemingly more of a face-lift than a feature-lift and if Apple is conscious about the fall of the iPhone regime, it has to shock us with a real stunner of a smartphone.

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