Verizon branded iPhone 4.0 will be Apple’s Decision not Verizon’s

April 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

Apple is on the verge of revealing iPhone OS 4.0 to the public in a matter of days and this has the Verizon subscribers excited as they are hoping, Apple with announce something to please them when it unveils iPhone 4.0 OS. The fresh set of rumors about the CDMA iPhone has already motivated the Verizon users and now an announcement ‘could’ be coming from Apple at the OS 4.0 revelation event.

Verizon CEO has mentioned through a phone call that it is up to Apple to decide the destiny of iPhone 4.0 arriving at Big Red stores and Verizon is open to the discussion.

There is nothing more exciting for the Big Red users than the proposition of using a smartphone bearing the Apple logo but, Big Red is still waiting for Apple to make the move.

As far as Apple is concerned, the iPhone sales have already reached a saturation point with AT&T and opening doors for Big Red will only mean more sales. Here’s just hoping that the two get into a discussion before the iPhone OS 4.0 unveiling and surprise us quickly. [via: PRNews]

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