Tokyoflash Instant Trend Social Media Concept Watch Intergrates via Bluetooth with Smartphones to give you Facebook and Twitter Updates

April 5, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

Need a watch that will integrate with your smartphone via bluetooth and help you keep up with notifications and updates? Want it to help you keep up with trending topics from around the globe as well as your Facebook and Twitter feed activity?

Then you may want to take a look at ‘Instant Trend’, one of Tokyoflash’s newest concept watches. This concept watch, aims to help you stay in touch and keep up with your social life online, while also giving you a couple of different time keeping options.

First thing you need to know about this new concept watch by Tokyoflash is that it has three modes: microblogging messages mode, Tokyoflash clock mode and a regular time mode. You can use the three buttons on the side of the watch to switch between each mode and to scan through recent notifications and updates.

The microblogging messages mode, displays updates from your Twitter and Facebook news feeds to your watch. A great option for anyone who wants to check out trending topics from around the globe or see what their friends are up to, without being to obvious or looking to distracted.

Since integration allows for easy access to updates, Instant Trend’s messages mode may also be a welcome feature for the organizationally challenged, who may not want to go digging around in their man bag or purse for their phone.

Having notifications at only a wrist glance away could also be useful to anyone who doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves, while in a meeting or at class, because their checking their phone updates.

Tokyoflash clock mode or as I like to call it ‘fashion mode’, gives you the option of telling time by using a unique block time-keeping system. You use the blocks to tell the time, 12 blocks (shown on top) are used for hours, 5 blocks (shown on the bottom) are used for groups of 10 minutes, and 9 blocks (shown in the middle) are used to identify single minute increments.

The time in the picture above reads 6:35 and as you may notice, there is no way to show seconds or express am or pm in this mode. Another thing to note, is since the hours only go up to 12 blocks and not 24 blocks (which would be hard to fit on the watch face), there is no army time in this mode.

Regular multi-time mode gives you a few more options and would be more handy for on the go time keeping. The year, month and day are displayed right at the top of the screen, it allows for times in three different time zones and includes seconds.

This time-keeping mode could be very useful to anyone who does business in multiple time zones or who has friends or family that live in different time zones.

The watch body itself, consisting of black stainless steel metal with large links and a clasp, looks to have a pretty solid build. Right now, the multi-time mode and microblogging messages mode are the two biggest draws for me.

If you want to get in on the conversation or make a suggestion, you can comment on Tokyoflash’s Instant Trend blog post on their official blog. Now, if only it had build in Wi-Fi.

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