AT&T 3G Complications May Increase After Apple iPad 3G Release

April 1, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is no hidden fact that AT&T is struggling to settle its 3G cellular network which is thronged with data traffic courtesy of the numerous iPhone users. The experts now believe that matters will only get worse for AT&T from here as the Apple 3G laden iPad is hitting the markets later this month.

AT&T 3G network users already complain of dropped calls and slow Web access and with an estimated 2.7 million customers going for Apple’s version of the tablet this year, there will predictably be more congestion than ever.

If AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson is to believed, the Apple iPad will be a Wi-Fi-driven product and it will not affect the 3G network much. AT&T is probably hiding the real facts and such statements can hardly fool the gadget savvy brigade, which is desperately awaiting the iPad arrival.

People will want to watch movies through the 3G streaming on the iPad, given the nature of the device, and that will be a real bandwidth demanding situation where the 3G network will be most affected.

Surprisingly, AT&T is convinced that most of the times the users will prefer WiFi connectivity to access the web and not 3G. AT&T believes that the ability of the device to quickly switch between cellular and WiFi connectivity will save the customers from any kind of frustration.

AT&T should have suggested Apple to only manufacture the WiFi version of the iPad and not the 3G laden tablet. This is all I can say after the kind of excuses the cellular giant is making. Knock, knock, Big Red! [Courtesy: Businessweek]

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