HTC Touch Diamond Hacked to Run Windows Phone 7 Series? NOT!

March 30, 2010, By Alex Ion

The HTC HD2 has all the hardware needed to run Windows Phone 7, but because it has five buttons and not three, it’s not “suited” for a Windows Phone 7 upgrade; funny though, some smart folks have already ported WP7S on the HD2 and things look neat enough for us. The news didn’t came in as a surprise, but the fact that the HTC Touch Diamond could be capable to run Windows Phone 7, is quite intriguing. Rest assured, it’s not.

While the video above gives hope to HTC Touch Diamond users, we’re being told it’s a a RDP hack job. Apparently this guy is running a Windows Phone 7 Series emulator on a PC and uses a remote client (maybe RDP) to access the PC, hence why the handset seems to be running Windows Phone 7.

Meanwhile, we’re expecting HTC to come up with an upgraded HTC Touch Diamond that can actually run the software.

So what’s up with all these WP7S hacks? Should we take it that there’s a real interesting in Microsoft’s latest mobile OS?

Our money is on “yes”. How about you?

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