AMD Opteron 4000 and Opteron 6000 Processors Announced

March 30, 2010, By Alex Ion

The battle for processor supremacy between Intel and AMD is about to enter a new chapter. And a couple of the AMD weapons in this new battle will be the recently announced AMD Opteron 4000 and 6000 series of 12-core server processing chips. If the rumored prices and specs are correct, Intel should step up the pace if they want to consolidate the leader position in the processor market.

AMD Opteron

Now, maybe the AMD Opteron 4000 series of server processors won’t provide the best raw performance, but with a rumored AMD Opteron 4000 price settled for around $100 and an energy-efficient architecture and more than decent quality, these are the chips that best reflect AMD’s top quality: their chips offer a great price/performance ratio.

On the other hand, if you are looking for as much processing power as possible without having to dig too deep into your financial crysis-era pockets, the processors in the AMD Opteron 6000 series seem to be (or at least from the rumored specs and leaked info) your best choice.

I love that AMD constantly throws out punches at Intel. Besides designing a new AMD notebook platform to compete with Intel’s Atom, the AMD Opteron 4000 and 6000 announcement came only a day before an Intel press event (a move that AMD has performed before in the past) and were described by the producers as Intel killers regarding the processing performance, the energy cost per computing power and the energy efficiency. While this may be a little too much, it is in AMD’s power to live up to their words.

We’ll come back as soon with more info regarding the AMD 6000 and 4000 release dates, the price and the specs as soon as possible.

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