Sony PS3 3.21 Firmware Update to Eliminate Linux Support, Install ‘Other OS’ Feature Removed

March 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is amazing what a hacker can do do dent the confidence of a name as big as Sony! In its next Firmware update (3.21) for the PlayStation3, Sony has decided to end support for Linux installation as the update will eliminate the ‘other OS’ feature currently supported by the seventh generation gaming console.

Wondering where the hacker came in all this? it was GeoHot who managed to crack the unhackable PS3 in January and though Sony hasn’t endorsed the fact openly, the hack made Sony think about security concerns.

Hence, Sony has now decided to make the gaming console more secure while attempting to combat potential software piracy. Just in case, the ‘annoyed’ gamers choose to ignore the system update v3.21, they will loose access to PSN and all future games and movies that require the specific update.

The update will go live on April 1 and it will remove the ‘Other OS’ feature from non-Slim PS3 gaming consoles which were available for purchase until the last quarter of 2009. It is noteworthy that PS3 Slim already does not feature ‘Other OS’ installation and therefore with the update, Sony is completely getting rid of the security threatening feature. [via: Electronista]

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