Microsoft Zune HD 64GB Variant Spotted, Probably Not in Stocks as Yet

March 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

We have already told you that a Zune HD successor is in the works but till that arrives, the Zune freaks can manage to rejoice with the arrival of Zune HD 64, the 64GB variant of the current generation Microsoft HD media player. This implies that Microsoft is now offering the Zune HD players with a doubled storage capacity as the Zune 64 becomes the new flagship variant.

We need no proofs about the Zune 64 existence as the Zune official website itself has the product listed. Microsoft is filling its stock with the new flagship and that is probably the reason you get a page error when you click on Zune 64 category in the website.

Zune HD is one of the favorite handhelds for the gadget lovers and more capacity will be delightful news for them. Its direct competitor, Apple’s iPod Touch is also available in similar capacity as sales for the 64GB version began back in September 2009.

It can therefore be said, that Zune 64 release is nothing but a conscious effort to match the iPod Touch for Microsoft, while for the gadget lovers, it just implies more data stored and hence more fun. [via: Engadget]

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