BestBuy stores to have just 15 Apple iPads each on launch day; online sales not to happen

March 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all know that BestBuy stores will be having on their racks the Apple iPad on the date of launch. But the number of iPads they seem to have comes as a surprise. If you are someone who wanted to head for BestBuy than the Apple stores to avoid the rush, you better start early. For, around 670 of the BestBuy stores will have only a limited 15 iPads each for sale.

When we say 15 each, we mean the number available on the date of launch. So, as days go by, we might get to see more of these iPads coming to the BestBuy stores. It is most likely that another 15 might come in by April 11. It has also been confirmed that online sales will not be available, at least in the initial days. If you are seriously looking at a BestBuy purchase, you will know that the focus is absolutely on the physical stores. These stores will also sell iPad-specific accessories as and when they are ready to hit the market.

As far as launch date iPads are concerned, BestBuy might be asked by Apple to hold back a portion of their initial supply to prevent disappointments later on as the iPad maker wouldn’t entertain replacements for the devices sold by BestBuy.

Fifteen is a small number by all counts, considering the demand is on the rise. If you really want to avoid the rush at Apple stores and BestBuy outlets, start finalizing your iPad shopping agenda on an immediate basis. Try not to be trampled!

(Via TUAW)

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