New Skype Application for Verizon Wireless Showcased on BlackBerry Storm 2, Motorola DROID

March 24, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Those of you who’ve been at the CTIA were probably offered the chance to try the new Skype running on a BlackBerry Storm 2, as well as a Motorola DROID. The application gives users the ability to make unlimited calls, both domestic and international, and full instant messaging functionality.

You can also manage your contacts list very easily, and also call international numbers – which will cost you by Skype’s international calling rates, mind you! This will effectively allow you to place international calls at rates much lower than those Verizon are charging you normally.

However, there are some things still missing from the application – for example, functionality to call domestic landlines. Attempting to do so will display a prompt asking you to use your Verizon Wireless plan to make the call. Calling isn’t direct peer-to-peer either, as calls are being rerouted through Verizon’s voice network to Skype’s servers, leading to a somewhat decreased quality in the calls – it’s still great though, so don’t worry.

[ Via BoyGeniusReport ]

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