Blizzard Releases 1.13 Patch for Diablo 2, Character Respecialization Finally Available!

March 24, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

We informed you yesterday that the newest patch for Blizzard’s Diablo II was imminent, and today it’s finally here! The game may be nearly 10 years old already, yet it keeps getting updated – if that doesn’t speak of Blizzard’s dedication, nothing does.

The patch brings about a variety of changes and additions, including the possibility to respecialize a character, as well as much better windowed mode support.

Many bugs have been fixed, including apparently yet another dupe-related one. The exploit where you could be killed by another player while in a town is also fixed now.

If you want to make use of the new respecialization feature (which allows you to basically redistribute your character’s skill points), you must complete the “Den of Evil” quest – if you’ve already done it, playing in Hell difficulty should give you your “respec” point automatically, which you can then use to once modify your character.

So, there might be a reason to fire up that old game once again and try out the new changes – especially if you’re after a new “hardcore” character!

[ Via Shacknews ]

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