Contract-Free iPhone to Pick on the Nexus One; Leaked Apple Memo Hints at Off-Contract iPhone Sales, Not Unlocked

March 23, 2010, By Atul Roach

In all these years that the iPhone has existed, it has never really been said that Apple experienced any kind of competitive pressures. The winds of change have ‘probably’ started to flow and the iPhone nemesis could be the Nexus One from Google as Apple is readying itself to directly sell the iPhone. This interesting debate is a consequence of a leaked Apple memo as per which Apple will sell all models of the iPhone (3G & 3GS) without an AT&T contract bonding but, the phones will not be completely unlocked because of Apple AT&T deal.

Apple also has a plan in place to keep the bootleggers away. The locked nature of the phone will be one hindrance and then Apple will only sell one iPhone a day.

Obviously, the document no where states that Apple has to take this step because of some stiff competition but, the same is evident, as Nexus One is doing amazingly well even when it is not committed to a particular US Carrier. Another factor could be that customers tend to avoid the AT&T contracts and they might prefer an AT&T activated SIM.

Apple is yet to endorse this news officially albeit the Apple store employees have already stared talking about these plans. The document reveals that the iPhone 3G 8GB will cost $499, iPhone 3GS 16GB will cost $599 while the 32GB variant will be priced at $699. [via: Electronista ]

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