Apple iPhone 3GS to be available soon in India on Bharti Airtel network

March 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Apple iPhone 3GS will debut in India by hopping on to the Bharti Airtel network. The decision comes after the Indian carrier said it has inked a deal with Apple Inc to this effect. So if things work as planned, Airtel will have the iPhone 3GS at its stores and network in the coming months. Customers are a delighted lot as they gear up to sport their iPhone 3GS in a few months’ time.

The Indian public is awaiting the outcome of the bids submitted by telecom major Bharti and a host of other competitors at the bandwidth auction for third generation mobile telephony in the India telecommunications scene. The Indian government is to pick the deserving carriers from among the many bidders on a commercial basis starting this September.

If things move as Bharti Airtel hopes to, it will be able to sell the iPhone 3GS at its Airtel Authorized Stores across the country scape. When the iPhone 3GS starts arriving at Airtel Authorized Stores, customers in India will be able to experience 2 times faster and more responsive tasks currently being boasted by the iPhone 3G. The new 3-megapixel camera will help in clicking great stills as a result of the built-in auto focus and a handy new feature that lets the user tap the display to focus on anything he wants. Bharti Airtel has, in the meanwhile, announced on its website that the iPhone3GS will be available with 32 GB and would come in black and white hues.

All eyes are now on the 3G auction that the government is lining up. Expected to boost the way the India’s mobile industry works, the auction would bring to the fore chances of boosting bandwidth.

If you are in India and have an Airtel SIM already, all you would need to do would be to walk into one of those Airtel Authorized Stores nearby and pick your iPhone 3GS phone. We will now just wait for the date of launch to be announced.

(Via Airtel)

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