HTC Incredible Launch on Verizon Wireless Rumored for Early April

March 18, 2010, By Alex Ion

Unless you had your head firmly implanted into sand, you already know that the HTC Incredible has leaked online numerous times, every time hinting to a debut on Big Red. Today we’re hearing (sources citing Verizon interns) that a release date may not be that far and that the Incredibile could be released on Verizon Wireless in about “two weeks” from now.

Leaked HTC Incredible to Launch on Verizon Wireless in Two Weeks

While we knew a launch for the Verizon Incredible was imminent, it’s always nice to confirm what we already knew. And I’m talking about 512 MB of DRAM, a Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon ARM processor that runs at 768MHz (but is capable of 1GHz speeds), an 8 megapixel camera with large lens, an FM tuner and a 1,300 mAh battery pack.

Presumably running Android 2.1, Verizon’s new HTC Incredible is similar in design with Google’s Nexus One. Since it’s running the latest Android iteration, the handset will allow you improved pinch-to-zoom in the browser, better voice-to-text support, animated wallpapers, and tweaks to Google Maps.

On top of that, word is that the Incredible will come with 6GB of built in memory (significantly higher than the 512MB on the Nexus One), expandable via a microSD card slot.

At this moment there’s no word on pricing, but we’ll make sure you’re updated as soon as we find out more.

(via DailyTech)

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