Sprint Announces Availability for Google Nexus One, Verzion Wireless to Get it Last

March 17, 2010, By Alex Ion

After becoming available on both AT&T and Rogers Wireless as an unlocked device, Google’s Nexus One has been officially confirmed with Sprint, meaning that the Android device is now available with almost all big carriers in North America.

For those who sense the irony, yes we’re find it hard to believe that Verizon Wireless will probably be the last US carrier to get their hands on a Nexus One for their clients as early reports are vague enough to give us “early spring” as a release date.

While Sprint is keeping tight-lipped concerning an actual date when you’ll be able to purchase the Google Nexus One, and the price for the device, it’s always reassuring to hear it from the company themselves. It shouldn’t be too far away, don’t you think?

So who are you going to choose as a carrier for your new Google Nexus One?

Nice move Google, nice move. We’ll have to assume you didn’t like the sales numbers and the fact that you only had 135,000 units sold in the first 74 days of its existence with the DROID and the iPhone selling around 1 million.

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