Google TV Brings Web Into Your Living room; Intel, Google & Sony Partnership For Android-based Web Platform Wants You to Tweet From Your Couch

March 17, 2010, By Alex Ion

A late evening report coming from the New York Times states that Google and Intel have partnered with Sony to come up with an Android-based web platform dubbed Google TV, that promises to bring the Web into your living room.

Apparently the new Google TV will be  revolutionize the way we change channels on our televisions as it brings easy navigation for web apps like Twitter or Picasa. The new platform is based on the company’s Android OS for cellphones, and will be using Atom processors for televisions and set-top boxes.

Together with the three giants, the geniuses fromLogitech have been selected to bring the peripherals. And by peripherals we’re thinking of a small remote control with a small keyboard that would facilitate writing right from your armchair.

Google TV will give users a special interface that allows them to search, navigate the web or download/watch videos and TV shows. When ready, the new platform will also allow downloadable Web applications, from games to social networks, to run on the devices.

From what we can tell so far, Google TV will use a version of the company’s Chrome web browser — although we know it’s not yet compatible with Android, and will have a Google TV Ads service to monetize that.

(via NYTimes)

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