Google Nexus One Sales Figures or Just How Great the Android Handset Is: 135,000 phones in 74 days

March 16, 2010, By Alex Ion

Google’s Nexus One is one of the most thought after mobile phones these days, but while hot among tech-savvy users, we’re not quite sure if regular users think the same. But enough talk guys, as we have some sales figures coming in, saying that Google sold 135,000 Nexus One handsets in 74 days.

Just how good is that compared to 1.05 million units for Motorola DROID and 1 million iPhones for the exact same period?

Some would say the reason why the Nexus One is a ‘flop’ is that it launched on T-Mobile, the third largest carrier in the United States. Other reasons could be that the phone is actually being sold by Google themselves and that the marketing budgets was not that high — compared to the DROID, where Verizon is rumored to have had a $100 marketing budget, or Apple’s marketing push for the iPhone.

But things may change.

After being confirmed today for AT&T and Rogers Wireless, and with a “coming soon” release date on Vodafone in Europe and Verizon Wireless in the US, the Nexus One figures may change in the near future.

What do you guys think?


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