Fiat UK lines up limited edition of 300 Special Pink units of Fiat 500C convertible right in time for Summer

March 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is Summer round the bend in the UK and chances are that you would come across quite a few topless beauties on the road. Fiat UK is lining up some awesome bodies sans the top, and is sure to set hearts racing. Fiat is lining up a limited edition of 300 Special Pink units of the Fiat 500C, based on the 1.2 Pop model, for a price of £13,500.

One point which makes us worry is the number of the units that the car maker is lining up. Fiat UK has said that it would be even more limited than the hatchback version with just 300 units to be available. The supermini, however, has all in her to make itself rock. Complete with  special pink color in the interiors and the outside, the car will sport color-coded door mirrors, chrome trim, 16-inch alloy wheels, a leather steering wheel, a pink key cover and special mats.

More luring is the convertible roof  and the style statement the car makes. Further, Fiat UK has added that with an on the road price of £13,500, the 500C Pink costs just £1,200 more than a regular 1.2 Pop convertible, yet includes £1,870 worth of extra equipment. Doesn’t that sound enticing?

(Worldcarfans via FiatUK)

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