13 Wicked Robots That You Wouldn’t Want to Mess With

March 15, 2010, By Alex Ion

There’s something weird about it, but we geeks/nerds just can’t react naturally or convey normal emotions when we lay our eyes on a cute little robot. Well folks if cute is your thing, you may want to browse away as today we’re into wicked robots that bring fear to your veins and make you run for your life. Here are 13 robots we’d certainly keep away from.

The Seducing Fembots


Blonde haired with baby-doll lingerie, I don’t think robots can get any sexier than that. With an appearance that emphasize their sexuality, meet Fembots, the female androids that try to seduce and kill Austin Powers. Although the Fembots don’t succeed in their mission, I’m pretty sure their breast-mounted machine guns would be fatal for mere mortals like you and me. Definitely keeping away.

The Homeless Robot


Either a funny geek or a really bad robot, we’re not sure if we’d like to mess with the Homeless Robot that can’t “spell” binary. What we know for sure is that he’s not getting any money for this prank … [via ImageShack]

Future Telling Robot


Larry West has come up with a future guessing robot. A smart one indeed, otherwise I can’t imagine how this cardboard robot knows that “the end is near”. Keep away or you could learn that there’s “no more beer in the fridge”, “no crispy bacon for you” or “you’re still a virgin”. Now that’s scary! [via luvataciousskull]

Einstein Robot Teaches Itself to Smile


Researchers have come up with an incredibly realistic Einstein robot that knows how to make facial expressions, has taught itself/himself to smile, frown, and make other human facial expressions using machine learning. Way to go Einstein for terrifying little girls when teaching them the theory of relativity.  [via Wired]

Choken Bako

If the name won’t get you off your shoes, then you should know that Choken Bako is a dog that promises to save your nickels in a piggy bank. We know that dogs are man’s best friends, but can you blame us for not trusting a dog with such an appetite? [via TheCoolGadgets]

Marvin, the Paranoid Android

Probably one of the coolest robot on our list, Marvin, the Paranoid Android is a fictional character in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. Built as a failed prototype and dealing with severe depression and boredom, Marvin has the brain the size of a planet — which is why he thinks he’s 50,000 times more intelligent than a human or 30 billion times more intelligent than a live mattress (makes sense, doesn’t it?). Any more reasons why you need to keep away from this fella? [Marvin]

Flesh Eating Robot


Cyclone Power Technologies and Robotic Technology are the two companies behind a robot that is rumored to feed on flesh. While the flesh eating robot is actually a “vegetarian” as it finds, ingests and extracts energy from biomass in the environment, it’s scary enough, for us to keep away! [via Yahoo!]

Tin Man or Tin Woodman

Who wants to hang out with a heartless lumberjack who carries an axe, sings and dance? Something just doesn’t fit. Tin Man is basically a cyborg made of iron, and while the popular belief is that he rusts, we’re quite sure he doesn’t. Maybe under that funky hat is a secret oil reserve that keeps him mobile and he’s coming after you to get a … heart. Your heart!

Swine Flu Robot For Docs to Play

Apparently meant for doctors to help diagnose and treat H1N1 patients, this scary piece of plastic is a swine flu robot that has been designed to sweat, moan or cry. If not properly treated, the symptoms deteriorate, and the robot can actually stop breathing or even “die”. Yikes!

Scary Repliee R-1 Robot Can Give You a Nightmare

If you thought the Swine Flu robot was the creepiest on our list, we can bet you will change your mind after seeing the Repliee R-1 robot. Developed a few years ago by the roboticists at Osaka University, Repliee R-1 is a replica of a five-year-old girl — a demon-possessed one, maybe? It has a lifelike silicone skin, 50 sensors and lots of motors that help her/it (whatever) interact and move about in a life-like manner. Dare seeing the Repliee R-1 robot in action, hit play above!

Robby the Robot

Hugely popular in 1956 after its first appearance in the 1956 MGM movie, Forbidden Planet, Robby the Robot is a 6-foot, 11-inch tall mechanical character that entrances with its charming manners – part “gentlemen’s gentleman,” part Shakespearean clown, part pot-bellied stove. So why should you keep away from Robby the Robot? Apparently the fact that it has been built from plans left in an alien computer system, which means that we’re actually looking at the most advanced robot ever built. That’s intimidating! [Image via robby6402]

Wall-E Mail Robot

Built by TotoroYamada from Lets Make Robot, the Wall-E email alerter robot, looks cute enough to make it to your office, but can you be certain this little fella won’t get drunk with too much AAA juice and delete all your important emails in a jiffy? Imagine Mail-E having fun when you’re agonizing … definitely don’t want to mess with him, right? [via HackedGadgets]

Robot Wife

Finally! We’re down to #1 on our list, the scariest of them all. Known as Aiko, this is the robot wife that inventor Le Trung has created when he was 4 years old (makes sense why). Supposedly doing what many people can perform (you’ll have to prove it to us Aiko), the robot wife has advanced artificial intelligence and knows 13,000 sentences in either English or Japanese.

Apparently the only downside is that she can’t walk. But we can think of a few others, like learning from the Internet that sleeping with other people or “reciting poems in the pub” with the guys, could ruin a marriage, or the fact that a divorce will get her half of all your belongings. Scared now, boys? [via Geeky-Gadgets]

We’re pretty sure there are a lot more robots that can scare the hell out of you. Why not mention them in the comments below.

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