Windows Phone 7 Push Notifications Detailed, Or How They’ll Work for Gaming

March 11, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is making the most of the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) platform to detail how its push notifications are going to work on the upcoming mobile Operating System.  Of course, when a platform of the kind of GDC gets underway, we do expect some good innovations on the show racks. With Microsoft giving details on push notifications on the mobile OS, this time around the event has an added charm.

Going by what Microsoft has to say, push notifications are going to be the rule. It has been a case of dilly dallying for audiences like us until the official announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series had come. We all had been wondering whether multitasking was going to be included and whether Microsoft would say no to such a significant aspect.  

No worries, though. Push methodology is indeed going to drive gaming on the Windows Phone 7 Series and as we all had wanted to believe, asynchronous, turn-based games would happen as smooth they can. It seems like with Windows Phone 7 Series, we may get to play with standardized displays and hardware on the mobile screen, a gaming experience on the PC, and the Xbox 360-powered television.
Coming to the multitasking aspect, we are yet to know as to  whether features like listening to music would go on as smooth as the other features. We are just wondering if Pandora would work while you are immersed in messaging. More queries have been coming up and we expect the answers to follow too. Stay tuned.

(Via PocketNow)

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