Opera Mini 5 Beta Mini Browser for Android OS Phones Goes Public

March 11, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Opera Mini 5 beta version of the mini browser is already available on BlackBerry devices, Windows Mobile 5 & 6 laden handsets and phones that can run Java applications. At the time the beta version was released, Android was fairly new, but with its popularity now, the Norwegian browser company had no choice but to release an Opera Mini 5 beta for the Google OS as well.

The nifty mobile browser on the Android OS is similar to Opera Mini 5 beta for other handsets where the major improvements include speed dial, tabbed browsing, password management and better optimization for touchscreen phones.

Another similarity is the way Opera Mini 5 for Android beta compresses data by 90% before the content is sent. This procedure speeds up browsing over low-bandwidth data connections when the data is sent to a handset.

Interested Android OS laden handset owners can get the beta version from the Android Marketplace or by visiting m.opera.com/next with their Android-based smartphone.

It can always be a dilemma to let go a regular browser version (Opera 4.2 in this case) for a beta version but, you can blindly go for the beta update ‘here’, given the plethora of new features this latest beta OS version brings with it. The only drawback is the lack of support for multi-touch options. [via: Pcworld]

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