Microsoft’s Courier Journal/E-Book Reader Gets New Pictures and Information

March 5, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Last September, Microsoft’s Courier tablet / e-book device was revealed, and since then people have been wondering about specific details on the device, and when it would become available. And now, there’s been some new information released which sheds some light on the upcoming gadget.

According to the sources, the Courier will be a “digital journal”, and portability will be its key feature – it’s less than one inch in thickness, and weighs around one pound. Closed, it’s no larger than a 5×7 photo. Originally, people considered the device to be much larger.

The device’s hardware reflects on the portability aspect – it won’t use Windows 7, but instead Tegra 2, and will also be running on the same operating system as the Zune HD, Pink, as well as the Windows Mobile 7 Series, meaning it will be Windows CE 6.

The device uses a pen for its input, and supports handwriting recognition (what doesn’t nowadays though), and will also feature a dedicated online service that makes use of some of its features.

[ Via Engadget ]

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