Apple iPad Official Launch Date Finally Set – Released on April 3, Pre-orders Start Next Week

March 5, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

After lots of waiting – agonizing for some of the more dedicated fans of Apple – the official launch date for their newest product, the iPad, has been revealed – the device is launching in the US on April 3, and the 3G model will be released some time later during the month.

Those of you eager to call dibs on their own copy of the iPad can do so starting March 12 – yes, that’s right, pre-orders for the device start in just one week, so better get your money ready!

What’s curious is that April 3 actually falls on a Saturday – and seeing how that’s exactly 66 days after the launch of the iPad, we should congratulate Steve Jobs on keeping his promise on the 60-90 day availability period.

If you’re not from the US, don’t worry though – the rest of the world will also get to enjoy the iPad during April, though some time later. Some questions remain unanswered though, and skeptics are talking about possible shortages right now, but these are all minor hassles when you know that the iPad is finally coming.

[ Via Gizmodo ]

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