Nokia to Bring Skype Support to Symbian, Available for Nokia Smartphones at the Ovi Store

March 3, 2010, By Alex Ion

Nokia and Skype have announced that Skype’s popular service will now be available on the Symbian platform. Symbian is the most common Operating System used in mobile phones, accounting for a market share of more than 50%. Nokia is offering the Skype app for free at the Ovi store, and it appears most of the functions of Skype have been left intact for use on the phones.

Connecting to WiFi will allow users to call and send text messages to phones all over the world, instant messaging, file sharing, and receiving calls to an exististing online number is also possible with Skype for Symbian.

The application will run on Nokia smartphones with the latest version of the Symbian Operating system, Symbian ^1. With a free app and the popularity of Skype, the initiative is likely to be a success, and be well received by consumers.

This is only a start for the Symbian-Skype relation though. Soon, the application will also be available on Sony Ericsson and other mobile phones running on Symbian.

Source: Nokia, Skype

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