Valve Corporation’s Steam PC Game Client gets an Update

February 24, 2010, By Atul Roach

If you hardcore gamers have a Steam ID, here is your first chance to access the updated version of the Valve Corporation’s PC Gaming Client. The update promises better features as the brains at VC have taken care of the platforms core functionality while they have also overhauled the interface to make the experience of buying and playing games even more special.

Apparently, it is just a Beta release and therefore the extended features will require you to get in. The update offers a plethora of social features with a browser based on the Webkit engine also used by Safari and Google’s Chrome.

Those who can access the update will discover how they can be well informed about their friends on the network. Users can figure out the common games they and their friends like, and also the games owned already by a friend which a user is planning to buy. So it is clearly a more social approach to involve users.

Also, games can be sorted out in to the category a user prefers and not what is assigned automatically. What a gamer will also like is a completely redesigned interface with attractive graphics and bigger pictures. [via: Pocket-Lint]

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