Telus Begins Selling the Motorola MILESTONE in Canada

February 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

While the world is buzzing with the Android gong, for the Canadians, the noise fell on dumb ears until now when Canadian carrier Telus decided to introduce the first Android smartphone for the country- Motorola MILESTONE. Rogers did experience the disaster with the Dream and Magic smartphones but in this case, the Telus Motorola MILESTONE is an offering that can challenge the might of the best in the market viz. Apple iPhone 3GS.

For those who can afford to commit to a contract, the MILESTONE will cost $199.99 for 3 years (both voice and data) while the ones who are simply bothered about the handset will need to shell $599.99.

Telus is trying its best not to repeat the Rogers blunder and therefore the luring strategy includes offering the Motorola Car Mount for the MILESTONE at no added price to each customer who buys the handset.

Those of you wondering where the MILESTONE came from all of a sudden packing top-notch features, folks, it is called the Motorola Droid across the border in the United States. [via: BGR]

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