Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 OS Leak hints at Xbox Live Integration

February 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

How much did we wait for the Mobile World Congress 2010 is unexplainable but, the fact that the day has arrived is soothing enough and now even when the surge has begun, we still have a leak lined-up for you-Windows Mobile 7. The Microsoft OS specifically developed for cellphones is slated to go public anytime at the event and courtesy of the scoop, we know that the interface will feature Xbox Live integration.

There is no need of a concrete proof as the image atop does the job, thank goodness the guys putting up the Windows Mobile 7 banner didn’t bother about the surrounding cameras.

Hail the experts (only a few predicted it) who strongly backed the Xbox Live integration rumor for the same has eventually happened. As far as other things go, the newest avatar of a Microsoft Mobile OS features touch sensitive shortcuts for calls, text messages and emails.

Also, there is a special section for Facebook, so users can be rest assured that social networking has not been ignored. We will have more for you on Widows Mobile 7 OS in a matter of hours. [Engadget]

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