Opera looks to bring forth the Mini browser for the iPhone; Wonder if Apple would give the nod

February 10, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Opera is all set to introduce the Opera Mini browser for your iPhone. The launch, scheduled for the Mobile World Congress, is expected to be a gala affair and people are already starting to talk about it. We however are keeping our fingers crossed on how Apple is going to react to the launch when it already thinks any other such browsers would rival its own Safari. The scene looks like really racing towards a showdown.

As if in a bid to garner massive press coverage, Opera just went ahead and did a press and partner preview of its Opera Mini browser for the iPhone much ahead of the impending launch. Will Apple approve any browser that duplicates functionality it already provides, is one question that keeps popping up. What we foresee is a battle over there, as it looks a bit odd for Opera to announce an iPhone version of Opera Mini. We said odd because Opera is lining up the release in a scenario where it isn’t too confident about releasing it to the public very soon. We don’t know if the launch is really coming up in a short time.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Opera is indeed thrilled about offering the media and its partners an exclusive preview of Opera Mini for the iPhone. The hype comes as part of  Opera’s aim is to bring the Web to the world, and by making Opera Mini available on one more another platform. The Apple iPhone is the platform the company seems to be talking about here. Let us wait and watch where the action is heading for.

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