Apple iPhone 4G Codenamed N89, First Look and More

February 3, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Apple special event gave us nothing more than the iPad and the iPhone 4G hopefuls were left in dismay. Rumors have now started pouring in and here we have the first ‘probable’ look at the iPhone 4G which has been codenamed the N89. Previous iPhone models were codenamed M68, N82 and N88 and therefore the N89 codename sounds genuine. It was actually the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK where the codenamed was discovered for the iPhone 4G along with codenames for the iPhone 3G.

Other than discovering information about the next-gen iPhone, the SDK and Firmware arrival also gives hints about the next iPod touch version for which the firmware 3.1.3 will be made available.

Currently, the OS 3.1.3 update has been made public and the iPod and iPhone owners can start looking for the downloads. The update brings in bug fixes, improves the accuracy of reported battery level and helps resolve issues while updating third-party apps.

The next iPod touch has been codenamed the N80 but we are more keen to know about the N89 and we would love a surprise from Apple at the MWC. [Via: TFTS]

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