Google Nexus One hopping on to AT&T network; Verizon version likely by Spring

January 31, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

AT&T will soon see a version of the Google Nexus One Smartphone hop on to its network, thanks to the approval of such a device. An FCC filing reveals that an AT&T-compatible Nexus One has been given the nod and is likely to be available for the GSM-based provider in a few months time.

According to the FCC filing, it is a smartphone with model number 99110, made by HTC, which has been approved as AT&T compatible. This proves beyond doubt that it is the Nexus One, as the current Nexus One has model number 99100. With support for AT&T 3G, the Nexus One on AT&T is being seen as brining in some welcome smiles.  Though the Nexus One currently works for T-Mobile and AT&T, 3G works only on T-Mobile’s network. It is likely that a Verizon version would debut this Spring. In Europe too, Google Nexus One would have a Vodafone version by around these times.

Meanwhile, even as the FCC filing report was being splashed across news websites, the agency removed all the documents associated with this news off its website. It is being said that it would have been unlikely that such an action would have been taken if the filing had described a phone that had already been announced.

The AT&T version of the Nexus One is a probability which users of the wireless network would welcome. Let us see what lies ahead.

(Via Brighthand)

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