Apple iPad leaves Hollywood a tad disappointed; hopes of a game changer device dashed

January 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The hype seems to have given way to disappointment for Hollywood, with the Apple iPad falling short of the tinsel town’s expectations. It is being believed that executives in Hollywood had anticipated a device that could come about as a game changer for film and TV studios. However, for them at least, it has ended up as just another gadget that boasts of the computing functions of a laptop and an e-reader.

It seems that even Apple boss Steve Jobs, who rolled out the iPad at the Yerba Buena Center on Wednesday, almost ignored anything that would have made Hollywood smile. Jobs had showcased the iPad to reporters but stopped short of announcing any television or film partnerships that would offer additional content, viewing opportunities or business models for Hollywood on the iPad. It was as if the film world was left disconnected. The device, however, houses all possibilities that could result in enhancing the chances of growth for the entertainment business as it would be encouraging more purchases of film and TV programs in the iTunes store.

Hollywood apart, it is however believed that the $499 piece of innovation could find buyers worldwide. Apple also knows that the iPad would be somewhere above the earlier iPhones and iTouches, which it had shipped 70 million.

(Via Reuters)

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