Apple Event Leaves iPhone 4.0 ‘hopefuls’ in dismay

January 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

Agreed that the Apple Event was a great feast for the Tablet (iPad) admirers but, there was another batch of ‘hopefuls’ at the event which were left is dismay. There were talks of Apple revealing limited details about the iPhone 4.0 OS but the event got over without a mention about the firmware. Also, rumors were afloat that Apple will announce the end of its exclusive iPhone selling deal with AT&T but Steve Jobs wasn’t talking about anything other than the iPad.

Where the world got a great computing device to talk about, there was no hint about the future of the iPhone with AT&T.

Most market gurus expected an announcement regarding big red (VZW) joining AT&T as the second dealer, but we guess the wait has now been indefinitely prolonged.

Cupertino has almost made it customary to reveal details about the next-gen iPhone every year since the iPhone 2.0 first came into existence.

After the Apple event, all we have is hope that a next special event will be scheduled sometime soon, and it will be dedicated to the future iPhone and the expansion of sales dealerships to other carriers, Verizon, for speculators, being a priority.

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