Zeon Phase-Difference Film to Improve LCD Contrast Over 10 Times

January 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

Those flat panel LCDs that adore your living room wall could get all the more better with a more than 10-fold improvement in the contrast. Thanks to the Japanese company Zeon which claims to have developed a new polarizer film that boosts the picture contrast. Dubbed the phase difference film, Zeon has used Cyclo Olefin Polymer which makes this film ideal for LCD panels based on the IPS (In Plane Switching) technology.

Famous manufacturers like Panasonic and Hitachi bring the IPS technology into use which means that they could directly benefit from the ‘phase difference’ and hence improve the contrast of their LCD panels.

Phase difference films restrain the diffusion of light from the backlight which in-turn throws clearer pictures on to the LCD fascia. Other than vastly improving the contrast, these special films will also help in widening the viewing angle. These films could therefore come in handy to develop better digital signals as well.

Currently, Zeon sells these films only to Samsung which uses vertical alignment technology and now Zeon intends to mass produce the ‘phase difference’ sometime later this year. The target customers for Zeon will be LCD TV manufacturers who produce panels above the 40-inch category. [via: CrunchGear]

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