T-Mobile HTC myTouch Slide to replace the Sidekick Lineage

January 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

T-Mobile has long persisted with its Sidekick lineage of handsets but I guess it is now time that the Sidekick makes way for the HTC myTouch slide. The rumor mill is on the grind and it is being speculated that the HTC myTouch slide will eventually take over the Sidekick handsets, putting an end to the sales of all variants of the device. HTC myTouch slide is the successor to the myTouch 3G and it will soon be available at T-Mobile stores across the US.

The Sidekick was a heavily criticized phone in the T-Mobile contingent as people believed that it was overpriced and one could fetch a blackberry handset from TMo for the same pricing.

Matters became worse for the Sidekick when it suffered a data wipe-out last fall, which made T-Mobile loose a considerable number of customers as they were offered a levy in the contract time to compensate for the data loss.

The total ‘killing’ of Sidekick sales is still a rumor and maybe the tipsters are trying to conceal the fact that the Sidekick is making a shift to the Android zone. [via: Androidcentral]

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