Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Probably Not Coming This Year

January 20, 2010, By Radimir Bobev


Valve, developers of the hit franchise Half-Life, haven’t been saying much lately, but a rumor is going around that is sure to disappoint a lot of fans – apparently, the last installment in the Half-Life 2 Episodes trilogy will not be released this year. It’s not known whether we’ll at least see some media beforehand either, but knowing Valve, they’ll probably keep it all a secret until the last moment.

After the release of Half-Life 2, Valve decided to expand the series before releasing Half-Life 3, and started working on three episodic sequels. So far, two of them have been released, with the least one, Episode 2, dating back to October 2007.

Valve’s original intentions were to release the episodes with a six-month delay, but as it usually happens with their products, this was prolonged as they wanted to give the last installment a bit more polish. It’s not clear what’ll happen in 2011, when we should finally see a new release, though it better be good after all this waiting.

[ Via Shacknews ]

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