DJ Hero Sequel Confirmed, Brings a Lot For Real Musicians

January 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

DJ Hero is now a popular name for gaming fanatics who cannot do without games and music. The franchise that became a rage after its hyped release in October last year has now confirmed a sequel- DJ Hero 2- and with it comes a news that will surely have budding musicians interested.

DJ Hero 2 Confirmed

Those who have closely followed the development of this game should remember how names like ATTACK! ATTACK! UK and The Answer got a chance of making their tracks appear in Guitar Hero. On the same lines, DJ Hero 2, courtesy of their involvement with MIDEM 2010 (a popular music industry event), will look for budding musicians or music groups.

This competition will involve a ‘Listening Session’ where the winner will be decided and his music will be offered an inclusion in the next installment of the game. So the second edition of the music based game is surely bound to entertain the gamers who love music and the musicians who cannot do without games like the DJ Hero.

One good track could change someones life forever so it is time those gamers start composing that one special tune. [via: Pocket-Lint]

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