SunBrite 5510HD is the Perfect Outdoor TV

January 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

One of the reasons CES is such a great show is because it introduces to the world a mix of some usual and unusual future gadgets which quickly become indispensable. Out of the list of those unusual ones slated for a debut at CES 2010 is the SunBrite 5510HD which is an all-weather High-Definition offering.

All Weather HDTV-SunBrite 5510HD

No prizes for guessing that this screen can be placed in your garden and is resistant against dust, water, heat and even cold temperatures. The all-weather capability is a courtesy of the exterior sealing that safeguards the TV, making it unique.

5510HD is no puny display as it can entertain you outdoors over a 55-inch area good enough to please a decent gathering at your garden party. During the day when it is hotter, the TV is still sturdy, thanks to the fans on the inside which keep the screen running even at 122 Degrees Fahrenheit.

As a High-Definition offering, 5510HD can compete with the best for it comes blessed with 1080p HD resolution well complimented by a 4000:1 contrast ratio and 120Hz refresh rate. Principal integrations include 4HDMI connections, component, composite, RF, VGA and s-video.

Finally, it is time to swallow the bitter pill! The SunBrite 5510HD will cost $7195 upon debut which means we will only see it at some select facilities across the globe for all cannot afford an expensive outdoor TV such as this.

[via: Slashgear]

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