DirectTV to launch the first 3D HDTV Channel

December 29, 2009, By Atul Roach

Three dimensional videos are no more a rarity but what is rare to know is that DirectTV is ready to launch the first 3D HDTV channel in the world. The channel will be launched early next year in the US and the announcement regarding the same will be made at CES 2010. The 3D HDTV channel is an outcome of a new satellite which was blasted into its orbit yesterday. The exclusive 3D channel will host a range of movies, sports and 3D programs.


The satellite will also add more HD channels to the DirectTV network other than the special 3D HDTV channel and it will go fully functional in March next year.

All HDTV satellite receivers will require a firmware upgrade in order to access the 3D HDTV channel and that is how DirectTV plans to assist the existing customer base. Once the upgrade is through, the 3D shows will then be compatible with 3D capable HDTVs expected to debut at CES 2010.

This does mean that the interested parties will need to buy a new 3D-capable HDTV but then, it will be worth the money. [via: Dvice]

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