Aliens vs Predator 2 Ban in Australia Overturned

December 21, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification recently refused to give a rating to the upcoming video game Aliens vs Predator – effectively banning the game from the country’s stores. However, Australia’s Classification Review Board has just overturned this decision.
The reversal was done after the game’s publisher, Sega, filed a formal appeal. The game’s developers refused to release a cut-down, censored version, subtly mocking the Australian government’s policies on video game bans. Currently, the game is classified MA 15+ – this is the highest rating that can be given to a game in Australia.

The Review Board backed up their actions by stating that the violence depicted in the game is not so serious as to justify a complete ban.

While Sega’s appeal proved successful, not all developers/publishers are enjoying such success with their Australian market. Earlier this year, Valve released Left 4 Dead 2, a violent zombie shooter, and it got banned in Australia. Valve were forced to censor the game and tone down the violence after their appeal on the ban was denied.

[ Via Shacknews ]

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