AT&T May Provide Incentives for Lower Data Usage

December 18, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Recently, some rumors were floating around that AT&T are going to change the data fees for those of their clients who’re browsing the Internet using Wi-Fi – however, they’ve denied those rumors completely. On the other hand, the company is thinking about providing incentives for people to limit their browsing and overall data usage.
According to Ralph de la Vega, manager of AT&T’s wireless division, more than 40% of broadband traffic is being used by just 3% of smartphone users. This is what brought the company to look for ways to provide an equal quality of service to all of their users who’ve paid for it.

There are a few ideas currently being thought over – one of them for example, is to start limiting a user’s speed after they’ve downloaded more than a certain quota. Another possibility is to apply fees to users who generate especially heavy traffic. The company is also looking to spread more Wi-Fi hotspots to make the service more accessible.

We really hope AT&T won’t take any harsh measures that will grief the majority of their users, just to deal with a few ones.

[ Via ICCellphone ]

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