Google Nexus One launch likely by first week of January 2010

December 17, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


There is one technology major just waiting impatiently for the dawn of 2010. Any guesses? Google, indeed. Even as 2009 is racing toward close, the company is believed to be looking forward to the sunrise of 2010 to do something that nobody would dare do. Yes, it seems like the Nexus One would be the first launch of 2010!

Google is said to be looking at being the first to offer a new handset in 2010.The grapevine has it that the Nexus One might hit stores in January itself. One date we are being told is January 5. Gosh, that is just round the bend!

The January date suggestions come in probably because it would be during the month that CES 2010 gets underway. Google is believed to have decided to showcase the phone at the event.

From what we have managed to gather, the Google Nexus One phone will be offered on the day of launch itself. The phone can also be picked from vendors outlets. Google Nexus One would come sans SIM, giving the user the freedom to choose his own carrier. Meanwhile, we also came across a buzz that Google would have two versions of the phone – one with a service contract with T-Mobile USA while the other would be unlocked. Google in the meanwhile hasn’t yet come out with a confirmed launch date or any other detail. We will wait to hear from them too, soon.

(Via Product Reviews)

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