WIND Mobile launches in Canada

December 16, 2009, By Thomas Antony

Finally, Canada has a new wireless carrier … WIND. The Canadian cellular market has been monopolised by three main providers, Rogers, TELUS and Bell, and they have mainly concentrated a lot on milking out maximum profit. Canadians have been getting some really bad and expensive options and I think WIND may be give them a break.

WIND Mobile

WIND launched today with good line-up of handsets and some really revolutionary offers that will really help the average Canadian cellular subscriber save a lot of money.
See below for a few highlights.

Here are the handsets in WIND’s initial lineup:

  • BlackBerry 9700
  • Samsung Gravity 2
  • HTC Maple
  • Huawei U759
  • Huawei E181 data stick

Now the guys over at BGR have done a pretty slick comparison of the average costs incurred by a BlackBerry user on Rogers and Wind. Here is the BlackBerry bill for Rogers

– $45/mo. for 400 minutes, unlimited calling after 9PM, and a choice of either unlimited Rogers-to-Rogers calling, my5, unlimited SMS, or an extra $100 minutes.
– $25/month for a 500MB data plan for your BlackBerry
– $20/month for unlimited SMS, Caller ID and voicemail

All that comes to around $93/month. Extrapolating it over the cell phone contract of THREE years, you come up at $3348, after you bought the BlackBerry 9700 from them for $249.99 . Add that too .. you come to $3597 before tax.
Now here is what WIND is offering:

– $45/month for unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS to US & Canada, voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding
– $35/month for unlimited BlackBerry data connection service.

So thats $80/month. Period. No contract, and they are also not charging any fees for changing plans.

Sure, when you look at the monthly rates, its not very different, but then you don’t have to pay $500 to cancel your contract. WIND will be offering an unlocked BlackBerry 9700 at $450 as opposed to Rogers’ $599.99 . But its not all a rosy picture. Coverage may not be as good as that of the existing networks.
WIND has a boatload of cash backing it and has come up with some very smart pricing plans, devices and services. While it remains to see how it works out for them, one thing thats definitely going to come out of this is competition, something desperately lacking in the Canadian cellular market.

Source : BGR

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