Verizon HTC Droid Eris Getting an Update

December 10, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


HTC Droid Eris users on Verizon will get their devices’ firmware updated shortly. The new update was released at midnight, and it brings the ROM up to version 1.16.605.1, and the radio version to An important note about the update is that it won’t be released for everyone simultaneously, but rather continuously released to more and more people, with the goal being that everyone will be updated in a few days.

If you still don’t see the update show up on your device, just keep checking back – it’ll appear eventually. Meanwhile, here’s what you should expect from this update:

  • When you’re talking and the phone goes into screensaver mode, pressing the End key will no longer terminate the call, but rather stop the screensaver – pressing it a second time ends the call.
  • Better icons for the mute and speakerphone functions.
  • There was a delay before users received their first call after activation – this has been fixed.
  • The device should now switch from 1x to 3G without hassle.
  • Subject line character limit for SMS/MMS messages increased to 80.
  • Improved picture messaging, messages sent from LG devices can now be correctly read.

That’s not all, so make sure to go over the changelog.

[ Via GadgetVenue ]

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