Wal-Mart lures Christmas shoppers with Nintendo Wii deal

December 5, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Black Friday and Cyber Monday have long gone, but its still sale time for Nintendo Wii at Wal-Mart. We just checked out the Wal-Mart online store and found there’s a fascinating deal out there. When we say fascinating, we mean that. It indeed is an absolutely appealing deal Wal-Mart is offering on the games console. Check that out, now.

If you would remember, many shoppers had been on the look out for a pretty nice deal on Nintendo Wii during Black Friday, but were disappointed when they saw retailers not willing to push down prices as expected. Most of them had offered a bundle deal which usually ranged from $299 to $350. None too many shoppers opted for that too. Now, even though Wal-Mart’s deal is the same as what other retailers quote, with the price tag reading $199 for the Nintendo Wii, the fascinating part is something else. When you buy the gaming console from Wal-Mart, you receive a $50 gift card. This means you get the console for a cool $149. Isn’t that luring?

Wal-mart has opened the deal on December 5 and will run the same till December 12. The obvious targets are the Christmas shoppers.  What we suggest is you shouldn’t be waiting till December 12 to come to decide on buying the Nintendo Wii. It is such a hot item and so could run out of stock with shoppers all set to go for it. Don’t wait, rush now.

(Via Examiner)

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