Bing suffers 30-minute outage, Microsoft blames ‘configuration change’

December 4, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


A configuration change sent Microsoft’s Bing for a toss, for around 30 minutes, forcing the technology giant to go for a rollback. As soon as the issue started running out of hand, Microsoft jumped on to troubleshooting error and saw that the scene got back to normal avoiding major hassles for itself.

Visitors who logged on to search what they wanted were surprised to see an error message greeting them. Microsoft had to turn on the apologetic mode saying that a configuration change made to the site during testing led to the inconvenience. It may be recalled that Microsoft had updated Bing Maps to add test features that allows applications, such as real time traffic feeds, to be added to the site during the week.

The Bing blog, in the meanwhile, saw Satya Nadella, one of Microsoft’s senior vice presidents in its Online Services Division, explaining that the error detection and problem-fixing took about 30 minutes. As if to make sure that such an embarrassment doesn’t repeat itself, Microsoft is now digging deep to unearth the real root of the incident.

The 30 minute outage has come about as a major shame for Microsoft as it had been fast positioning Bing as its high profile answer to Google. Even embarrassing was the fact that tweets started pouring on Twitter explaining to who all didn’t know of the outage giving some frustrated moments for Microsoft.

(Via CNet)

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