AT&T takes a beating as subscribers give the thumbs down

December 1, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


If you thought AT&T was on top in customer satisfaction, think again. Consumer Reports, the widely respected publication, has found just the opposite.   

According to a poll conducted by the publication, out of the 50,000 readers in 26 cities surveyed, only 54 per cent said they are fully satisfied with their cell phone service. And, about 33,000, or two-thirds of them said they had at least one major complaint.

So, that means, the iPhone service carrier isn’t flawless. While many a subscriber gave AT&T negative marks on almost all features except Web access and texting. Among the features that got the worst marks is voice connectivity. One good this AT&T might find in the survey is that many an iPhone customer has expressed satisfaction about owning the iPhone, saying that they would buy again buy the device in spite of the so very poor services offered by AT&T.

If AT&T has taken a beating, we all know who is smiling all the way up the charts. Verizon Wireless has headed for the top slot, registering above average on all counts – well almost. One big complaint among customers has been around the high prices it charges. Verizon is closely followed by T-Mobile which has taken a beating on the voice, messaging, Web, and e-mail services aspects. Sprint is where it was last year, somewhere at the bottom of the table.

(Via ChannelWeb)

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