Nokia N900 To Be Delayed In UK Retail Stores

November 26, 2009, By Radimir Bobev


Nokia has been enjoying great success lately, and you would think that nothing negative can come out of that. Well, surprisingly – it can – the demand for the company’s latest smartphone, the N900 also called Maemo 5, has been so high, that pre-orders basically exhausted the company’s initial production supplies.

As a result of this, the phone won’t hit stores until December 4th – while those who pre-ordered it will get to enjoy it on time, of course – which should happen sometime soon after today, when deliveries start. Nokia has stated that it’s unlikely that demands won’t be met for the pre-ordered phones, while the rest of us will have to wait almost two weeks more. We don’t see a lot of problems with that anyway, considering that buying a phone of this class should always call for a first-hand inspection. Especially when you consider that the N900 will cost £499 initially.

We hope that Nokia will be able to supply stores in time to meet the December 4th deadline, as the N900 has built up quite a hype around it – and we’re as eager as everyone else to get our hands on it.

[ Via Slashgear ]

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