Lenovo smartbook to sport Android OS; set for January 2010 debut

November 26, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


The new Lenovo smartbook that will hop on to the AT&T network has been detailed by Qualcomm as part of its demonstration of a smartbook prototype. Qualcomm has, in fact, elaborated on this device as it would be carrying a comparatively fast 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Lenovo is said to be fast readying the smartbook for release in January 2010.

The smartbook, we get to gather, would be running on Android OS. This comes a shift in strategy considering that Lenovo had earlier been planning to make effective a proprietary Linux release. Now that the feelers from the Lenovo camp hint at the choice of the Android OS, the interest is to pick up even more.

The new smartbook would boast of a battery life of more than eight hours. As soon as the AT&T deal comes effective, it is expected that the device, which combines a net book and a smartphone’s functions, would always stay connected. The smartbook has been built with capabilities to stay connected via 3G, Wi-Fi and other such functions.

Tech reporters have found that the Qualcomm demo smartbook has been designed by Taiwan based contract company Quanta. This might as well mean that the Lenovo smartbook has also had Quanta hands work on its looks and features.

With a netbook-smartphone set to arrive from the Lenovo stables in the form of a smartbook, we are eagerly waiting for January to dawn.

(Via Electronista)

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