Amazon Kindle in for automatic firmware upgrade; you may not even know it is happening

November 24, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


In case you didn’t know, your Amazon Kindle e-reader is set for a quiet upgrade. The improvements – two in fact – would be made on the e-readers automatically that even owners won’t even know that they are happening.

Amazon is making effective the upgrades to the Kindle firmware. In effect, the Amazon Kindle e-reader would be transformed into a more business-friendly device with its new ability to read native PDF files and a longer battery life. It is believed that the device would be able to operate for about a week on a single battery charge with its wireless communications switched on. This also means that the battery charge will stay on for at least two weeks at a stretch when the wireless communications remain turned off.

Amazon has claimed that this would mean it would bring in an 85 per cent upgrade. This apart, Acrobat files would be handled more effectively with the enhanced firmware update. Users will now be able to access latest sales brochures, marketing materials, technical manuals, and other business documents on the go.

The new improved firmware would be an automatic download when Kindle users activate their wireless networking and the device goes into sleep mode.

We are all excited to know such a thing is happening without the owners having no hint whatsoever that the automatic download is on. Feels good, doesn’t it?

(Via ChannelWeb)

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